Functional viking axe

99,17 € Exc. VAT. Out on another raid in the wild island? This double-edged axe head is will suit you best! Its well-designed structure makes it look amazing for your next barbarian or executioner character from your favourite medieval fantasy universe. The head is HAND FORGED from sturdy CARBON STEEL and makes a FULLY FUNCTIONAL weapon, THAT.

The axes have their roots in the time between 600 – 1200 CE and are a continuation of the ancient tradition of axe forging in Sweden and Scandinavia, though models from Central Europe may also be offered. These replicas are modelled after archaeological findings, and the originals can often be seen in museums in Scandinavia.

Gränsfors Swedish Viking Axe. €424. Axes resembling the model we have chosen to call Swedish Viking Axe have been discovered in archaeological finds from the Viking Era. Found in several locations in Sweden, the model was common during the time from approx. 800 to 1100 CE. Besides the shape of the axe head, the upswept handle is a.




3. Throwing Axes. Apart from a classic battle axe, Medieval battlefields have seen throwing axes as well. The head of this axe was located at the end of a short wooden handle and was mainly aimed at disabling enemy soldiers. In addition to the weapons we've described above, artillery weapons were also used in the brutal medieval wars. Artillery.

Dane Axe. $500.00. $429.99. Quantity. Add to cart. Secure and trusted checkout with. Dane Axe. This Axe is made completely by hand from quality materials to produce a durable and fully functional viking weapon. All axes are made to order, therefore the engravings and details on the handle can be customised to your wishes.

- made of high carbon steel - head is engraved - hardened edge - fully functional hand forged sharp axe - ready for battle :D - hard beech wood handle with leather wrap and brass pins.