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Search: Illegal Eviction Help. You can still be evicted for some reasons other than nonpayment of rent (Nexstar) ALBANY, N It will bring stability and protection from the pandemic for many renters throughout the US by postponing most evictions Three Rivers Legal Services is offering a public education campaign to help tenants facing eviction because they have fallen behind on their.

There’s a slim chance that the court could require you to pay relocation expenses. In fact, the amount due could really set you off. It’s a bit difficult to quantify the number of eviction proceedings throughout the state. That said, one report claims that one in every eleven of Newark’s residential tenants faced eviction in one year. Relocation assistance is money and other support to help displaced tenants find a new place to live. Eligible tenants may be able to receive the following payments: Money for temporary housing until the tenant finds a permanent home, if the government agency forces the tenant to move out immediately because of an emergency.

If relocation assistance is unlikely to result in stable housing, at the City’s sole discretion, the City will consider providing assistance with back rent in order to prevent homelessness. In such cases landlords will be required to obtain a license before back rent payments are made.




(vi) relocation payments under Title 11 of the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970; (vii) foster child care payments; (viii) the value of coupon allotments for the purchase of food pursuant to the Food Stamp Act of 1977; (ix) payment to volunteers under programs designated in Title 28, California Code of • Onsite Temporary –.

More eviction help Take advantage of free housing help Housing counselors can help you find resources in your area and make a plan. If you’d like help from a local expert, contact a HUD-approved housing counseling agency. Call 800-569-4287 or find a housing counselor Know your rights You may have additional rights such as: Debt collection rights.

The Move-In Assistance and Eviction Prevention Program (MIA&EP) provides funding to persons who have a diagnosed and documented mental illness who are currently homeless or at risk of homelessness. These funds can be used for the first month’s rent, damage deposit, apartment application fees, eviction prevention (rental assistance), and.